On 23th June 2020, within the scope of the GSTP project « morphing structures processed by 4D printing for space applications » with ESA, Nimesis organized a virtual workshop dedicated to space applications using metal 3D printing on shape memory alloys.

About fifteen manufacturers and researchers from the partner organizations (ESA, CNES, Thales Alenia Space, LEM3…) have exchanged views to successfully bring out several innovative concepts.

nimesis technology workshop   nimesis technology workshop

Shape Memory Alloys 3D printing, also called 4D printing, has a high potential. This innovative process revolutionizes the manufacturing of practical components while guaranteeing an optimal quality. It enables a better customization of complex products. This new tool offers concrete answers for many industrial fields and enables optimizing of costs.

Regarding shape memory alloys, their added value is confirmed. This smart material meets the requirements of industrial sectors and enables various applications.

By crossing advantages of shape memory alloys and additive manufacturing, we’re pushing limits of innovation and possibilities are multiplying.