At the first anniversary of the MiniLLock project, the industrialization and commercialization of Nimesis’ intelligent actuators is progressing according to the initial schedule, we validated the first Milestone. We have been to achieve many improvements on many levels:

Our industrial park is being modernized, with important investments that allow us to internalize our processes and therefore reduce costs and production times. In fact, the internalization of our process will help a better control of the quality and the monitoring. Each step of production has been validated, as well as all the machines used, the production line will fully be operational by the end of the project.

Regarding human resources, Nimesis now counts nearly 20 employees, with new arrivals planned in the coming months! Engineers and technicians came to empower the technical department, a quality engineer joined us to pilot the EN9100 certification (aeronautics and space standard) and the improvement of our SQM, the commercial department also grew.

On the commercial and communication part, we have gained a great visibility towards the space players through our targeted prospection actions, and our communication campaigns. We target both European and the large-scale export market.

In the coming months, key stages of the project will further accelerate our progress: the qualification of our products and the first flights of our actuators.


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