Nimesis Technology’s new range of smart actuators for aerospace has convinced the European Commission, in the framework of the H2020 EIC accelerator program: a grant of 1,2M€ has been awarded and the European Investment Fund acquired a stake in Nimesis Technology with a contribution of 500 000€. This European funding rewards several years of development in collaboration with the CNES and will enable the industrialization and commercialization of the LLD actuators, Triggy and Pinloader.

This major supports will enable these innovative products to be quickly brought to market and the company to grow, through hiring of around ten new employees, material investments of several hundred thousand euros, ISO EN9100 certification in the coming months and an expansion of the premises, still located in Lorraine in the heart of the Grand Est Région.

This ambitious project has the confidence of institutions, partners and investors. Nimesis Technology innovative products are carried by a team of motivated experts. A dynamic and synergy that will soon make Nimesis Technology the European leader in this field of activity.

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