“Smart” Innovation Process

An Idea
A Concept

An idea or a concept. You want to know the feasibility, the potential, the relevance of an innovative idea using Shape Memory Alloys.

Is the concept achievable? Can it be tapped? Is industrialisation and production sustainable? What would be the impact on your company’s activities?


As expert in your field, you would like to develop an innovative idea. Working alone or in teams, you defined the main features and you would like to know the technical and economic potential.

As experts in SMA, we support you in this step and offer preliminary analysis which guides you and gives you the relevance of your approach.

Under a confidentiality agreement you share with us your idea with the context and we give you our opinion on the relevance of using SMA in your innovation. From state-of-the-art to technical feasibility including normative aspect we deliver a detailed dataset enabling you to take up a position on the relevance of your idea and the interest of furthering the development.

Opportunity assessment

Innovative aspect
Technological watch

Feasibility study

Technical means
Human resources
Financial resources

Compliance assessment

Rules and regulations
Confidentiality – Intellectual property
Patents analysis

Functional specifications




You defined the outline of your concept. Technical feasibility allows to consider a more exhaustive study concerning technical specifications.

What are the detailed specifications of your device? What are the acceptance criteria of your product?

Based on your functional specifications we establish a specification book including dimensional, environmental, thermo-mechanical behaviour and product validation criteria. We design and develop the product based on the specification book. At the end of the development, we deliver all document required to evaluate the concept and manufacture the product.

Specification Book
Definition Document 
Development document
Production Document
Qualifaction Document

Verification - Validation

Your concept is technically defined. The product can be manufactured to evaluate performances.

Is the product in compliance with specifications? What are the criteria enabling the industrialisation? What is the final price of the product?

We manufacture components, devices, or complete actuators as working prototypes to verify and validate the product. We share with you actions to be taken to ensure a smooth transition to industrial production. We give you an estimated price based on quantities required.

Validation trials
Product industrialization study
Price offer

Product evolution

Your idea became an industrialized product providing to your company an economic and underwriting profit and a competitive advantage.

What quality controls are carried out during production?  How is the product updates managed?

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. We ensure high quality, with strict controls and full traceability, this is our priority. Innovative products are constantly changing, this is the key to stay innovative. At Nimesis we are aware of that and thus we support you during the complete lifetime of the product and make suggestions on improvement.

Pilot line
Production inspection
Product follow-up and enhancement