The Range of SMA actuators from Nimesis

Shape Memory Actuators generates significant strength and strain on a wide range of triggering temperatures from -100°C up to +250°C.

Alloys used are NiTi (Nickel-Titanium), CuAlNi (Copper-Aluminium-Nickel) and CuAlBe (Copper-Aluminium-Beryllium).


A specific product range of actuators calls High Temperature Actuators can cover triggering temperatures over +100°C and up to +250°C.
All our products are ITAR Free.


These actuators are mainly used in space, defence, nuclear, aeronautics, and automobile. Were repeated strength with high strain together with limitations on size and weight are required SMA actuators are a very good candidate.


SMA actuators replace standard pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and motors, more complex, heavier, less autonomous and less reliable.

Some examples of applications

Satellite antenna deployment

Locking/unlocking devices

Thermal connection/disconnection

Sleeving system