For the professional or amateur tournament, for the leisure activities, smart components and devices are more and more important.

Smart textiles, safety actuators, super-elastical components, the Shape Memory Alloys are a concrete answer to the security, performance and reduction issues


Pressure regulator on shock absorber

The transition phases of behavior of a shock absorber system can be handled by a Shape Memory Alloy component based on a specific temperature.


Damping properties and rebound capacities can improve behavior during ball rebound.

Structure’s elements

Super-elastic hinges, guy wires and super-elastic covers could be included into less or more complex structures in order to reduce, to make more reliable and to simplify the assembly/disassembly.


The integration of very thin or super-elastic memory shape cables changes on a sensitive way the behavior of the clothes tissues, shoes or other textile.

Safety devices

For some devices such as shoes fixing or transmission systems, some quick devices enable to set off alarms causing a rupture of the fluids supply.


Weight reduction

Space saving

Increase in performance

Reliability of operation

Compacted security devices

Location examples

Stringing – frame

Binding for shoes

Tissues for shoes

Control devices for shock absorber

Insert (golf, snowshoe, ski…)



Sport shoes

Ski – snowboard

Motor sport

Mountain bikes – cycling