Fluid & Gaz Transport

Nimesis Technology is specialized in the integration of specific components in Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) used for gas or fluid transport requiring a temperature control. The Shape Memory Alloys components are in the form of cable, spring or strip and they react to the change of temperature by giving a mechanical or electro-mechanical action.

Some other tubular components can also handle the link between two tubes in case of difficulty or impossibility to weld.

Standard applications

Shape memory coupling sleeve

A coupling sleeve is expanded and putted around the two extremities of the tube. When heating, the coupling sleeve gets back to its contracted shape and ensures a perfect sealing. It can replace a welding, having the added value that this sealing is dismountable.

Thermal security

A Shape Memory Alloys component, a spring, a strip or a cable takes back its original shape above a given temperature. In this way, an alarm can be activated, an electrical or gas circuit can be broken and an orifice can be opened or closed.

Output regulator

The change of the surrounding environment’s temperature in a pipe causes more or less complex changes of shape of a SMA component (pierced plate, blade…). Consequently, the fluid flow is changed, slowed or speeded up.

A fluid flow can be controlled using SMA flow regulator, with temperature changes of the environment. When triggered the SMA component will change shape and thus impact the fluid flow.

Slack adjustment device

Many devices subjected to fast temperature variations are degraded by the distension of the elements. Some ingenious Shape Memory Alloys components can balance  this distension phenomenon.


Weight reduction

Space saving

Possible change of the existing system

Reliability of operation

Significant forces and displacement




Plumbing – pipework

Heating system – air conditioning

Water – clean-up operation

Medical fluids

Location Examples



Pressure relief valves

Coupling sleeves – connectors