The rise of renewable energies and the enhancement of reliability in nuclear sites highlight materials such as Nitinol (NiTi) for their great reliability over time and their properties which enable a use during maintenance phase or safety devices.


Intervention tools

The super-elasticity of NiTi is a competitive advantage on the high-risk sites: access to hard-to-reach areas with small bend radius or small volume.

Safety actuators

Memory shape effect is used in order to prevent any risk of explosion, fire or fluid leak.

Thermal safety

In the renewable energies field, the control of the temperature is the key to a proper functioning and a reliability of the system.



Less weight

Space saving

Reliability of operation

Security feature

Cost optimization

Concerned organs

Components of nuclear power plants

Power lines and their components

Transmissions of wind turbine

Fluid transport for solar thermal panels

Generators or alternators


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