Automotive – Transport

Reliability, weight gain, compactness are key criteria for this industry.

Nimesis Technology integrates more or less complex components into vehicle mechanisms to optimize cost and increase the devices’ functionalities.

Standard applications

Strengthening the structure of a tire

Shape memory wires or superelastic wires integrated in a polymeric structure as mechanical reinforcement increase lifetime of the product.

Motor control valves and actuators

A wide range of actuators composed of springs or simpler components, enable to send an information or to activate an element when reaching a temperature threshold.

Comfort elements

Locking or unlocking system for door, trunk or trap. Automatic orientation of rear-view mirrors. Windscreen wiper or headlight control.

Thermal safety

Sensitive element may include thermal actuators able to cut off an electrical or fluidic circuit.



Less weight

Space saving


Compact safety devices

Cost optimization


Car manufacturers


Agricultural vehicles

Automotive supplier

Public transport

Rail transport

Fluvial and maritime transport

Location examples


Doors or trap opening system

Wheel suspensions

Motors components


Air conditioning – ventilation