Automotive – Transport

Transport is a sector where weight, dimensions and reliability are overriding criterion.

Nimesis Technology integrates components on vehicle mechanisms to improve cost and increase their functionality.

Standard applications

Strengthening the structure of a tire

Shape memory wires or superelastic wires integrated in a polymeric structure as mechanical reinforcement increase lifetime of the product.

Engine control actuators and valves

A wide range of actuators made of springs or simple components allow to send an information or to actuate an element after reaching a temperature threshold.

Comfort elements

Locking/unlocking doors, trunk or trap. Automatic orientation of mirrors. Wipers and headlight control.

Thermal safety

Sensitive parts can include thermal actuators able to switch off/disconnect an electrical or fluidic circuit.



Savings in weight

Savings in dimensions


Compact safety devices

Cost optimisation


Car manufacturers


Agricultural vehicles

Automotive sub-contractors

Public transport

Rail transport

Inland, waterways and maritime transport

Location examples


Doors or trap opening system


Engine components


Air conditioning – Aeration