NIMESIS TECHNOLOGY is a European Leader in the development of devices using SHAPE MEMORY ALLOYS across all industries.

Innovation offers technological lead, thus, NIMESIS TECHNOLGY supports you from idea finding up to the production and successful implementation of the solution.

Born out of a joint effort between CNRS, Lorraine University, LEM3 and industry, NIMESIS TECHNOLOGY meets the needs of industrials across all fields.

NIMESIS TECHNOLOGY is an independent structure fully owned by its founder offering reactivity, flexibility and 10 years of experience.

Located in the Est of France, at the crossroad of four countries (France, Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium), NIMESIS TECHNOLOGY is ideally close to competence centres, research centres and university centres.

1 European Leader
10 Years of experience
FR Made In France
12 Sectors
40 Clients

Our Know-How


The multitude of applications of Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) in all sectors requires a high level of understanding and the capacity of binging to our client a clear and accurate answer. Nimesis Technology is working to adapt to the demands and objectives aimed by customers in fields as varied as medical, space, defence or watchmaking providing them shortly a technical and economic answer.


Our expertise and that of our customers combine quickly and efficiently to advance solutions. Our main skills are design, sizing, shaping, heat treatment, and manufacturing of SMA components.

The control and understanding of thermo-mechanical behaviour of these complex alloys is the key to the success of our projects

Project monitoring

From technical analysis to industrial production including, design, development, prototyping, control, and component qualification, we are monitoring the project in respect to specifications, quality and deadline.


Our role is also to advise and explain throughout the project. Whether during the development or after the delivery of components we remain at your disposal and bring a scientific and technical support.

"Smart" Innovation


You are expert in your fields, we are experts in Shape Memory Alloys…

Your IDEA of integrating a SMA component in your innovative mechanism is formed.

Analysis, exchanges, technical advices, lead us to the DEISGN and the DEVELOPMENT of this innovative mechanism always in close collaboration.

Working PROTOTYPES enable VERIFICATION and VALIDATION of the development in accordance with norms, regulations and specifications of your mechanism while guaranteeing your INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.

PRODUCTION can be launched.

Your IDEA is not an IDEA anymore…


Technical Assistance

Do you need some advice? a technical opinion?
Contact us.
Before, during and after the project we remain at your disposal to ensure the proper functioning and the proper use of our devices.

In-house training

We welcome you to your premises during workshop sessions to explain the behaviour and the capacities of shape memory alloys. Company presentation, demonstrators, company tour… we share with you our experience and expertise.

External trianing

We can also move to your premises to bring you all required information to ensure a good understanding of shape memory alloys behaviour. Communication about technical side but also about economic potential is apriority for us.
Bringing the maximum of people in your company from different departments significantly improves efficiency of the workshop, opens dialogue and fosters creativity.

Collective training

Whether you are two or fifty, we adapt our teaching approach to deliver the maximum information that may be of great interest for you company.


A good creativity relies on the diversity of participant in terms of competences and knowledge. We organise one or two meetings gathering around the table engineers, project manager, innovations manager, decision-makers from different industries (medical, nuclear, watchmaking, defence…).
Many concepts and applications can be transferred from one sector to another and we offer our support in finding these synergies.

Simulation, calculation and fine tuning

Nimesis Technology works in close collaboration with LEM3 (Laboratory of Materials, Microstructures and Mechanics) and specifically with the team SMART for simulation and fine-tuning shape memory components.

Our means

Nimesis Technology has production means enabling a production of several tens of thousands of components per month.

Our production system can adapt to various types of components, simple one such as springs or circlips, or complex components such as assembled components or complete actuators.

Key production means (internal et external):

Characterisation (DSC, resistivitý, micrography)

Transformation (rolling, drawing)

Special alloys casting

Heat treatment

Mechanical testing

Surface treatment

Laser welding

Fatigue testing – cycling

Machining (laser cutting, water jet cutting, electro-erosion)






There is no short cut to meet the specifications of demanding fields such as space or medical. Nimesis follows norms and regulations to ensure a consistent high level of quality.

Certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, we ensure identification and traceability of our products form casting to finish goods as well as at each step of the transformation.

Each request is analysed by our engineers to give a clear answer regarding the feasibility of the approach.


Innovation or enhancement of devices requires a high level of reactivity to always keep a step ahead. We endeavour to answer to every request in 24 hours.


Our team is composed of highly skilled people, with more than 25 years of experience in SMA for some of them. Our technicians acquired a unique know-how for some components (braided medical devices).

Network of expertise

From design and prototyping to production we ensure our capacity to produce validation has been done. When we don’t have the resource internally we can rely on a large network of subcontractors mainly in France with specific knowledge concerning shape memory alloys (machining, cutting…) and in respect with customers specifications.

Our team





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Technical Director


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Business Development Engineer


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R&D Engineer

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